Al Grissino

Leisure . Fine Dining

On immediate entrance into the lift lobby, one is greeted with plush dark finishes..
Natural daylight spills into the annex connecting the reception area, tube bar & corridors.. Sharp pools of light create steps of light connecting spaces..
Areas in perspective have an added element of light to beckon clientele.

With such plush decor, a method of balance is to be maintained, contrast is created by the use of different optics..
..warm colour with high colour rendering food on display. with lighting precisely centred, tables stand out for drama..

Due to the wide expanse of the restaurant, the ceiling seems lower than what it is.. decorative lighting creates a play of dark and light. By day, the itnrinsic nature of fixtures complement the interior decor, by night, a sea of light..

The Tube Bar is revived with a dynamic and vibrant scheme that brings out the inherent interior structure, culminating in dots behind the bar's porthole. As the music changes, so does light, immersing patrons in a space that is already unforgettable, made much more so, by the lighting scheme.