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  • 01. Concept design

    A visual story

    The concept design is the initial stage of the process. It’s where we apply our creative ideas to the material the architects and designers have provided us. We take into account the aesthetics, functional use, and architectural structure, as well as the core remit of the project. This is considered the most creative stage of the whole lighting design process.
  • 02. Schematic design

    A visual translation

    The schematic design aims to show the application of the concepts in drawings. This gives a graphical representation of the concept application with sketches of possible installation solutions. This stage is crucial before we start the detailed design stage and issuance of drawings.
  • 03. Detailed design

    Technical implementation

    This is the final stage of the design process and aims to take into account all the details gathered above. Here we develop the final ceiling, floor, and wall lighting layouts, control diagrams and layouts, as well as the documentation and specifications to meet your site requirements and design intent.
  • 04. Tender and IFC

    Process management

    This is crucial to make sure that adequate information is provided to the employer on the submitted tender returns. The documentation will ensure that the tenderers have met the design intent and the project specification. A final tender evaluation report will be issued to the client following a comprehensive tender review. Light.Func will also - on final approval from the client - issue a set of coordinated drawings and Issue for Construction (IFC).
  • 05. Contract Administration

    Onsite support

    Finally, we provide hands-on support to make sure every element of the project is delivered without a hitch. This includes going onsite to inspect how things “fit”. We will address any issues and ensure that wiring is safe and compliant and that the design intent - especially the fixture positioning, focusing, and scene-setting - is fully supported by the installation.



As an independent lighting design studio with an innate love for architecture and design, we create and implement concepts that are tailor-made works of art and conscious thinking.


We are a collection of individuals who work with light using the psychology of seeing. Our objective is to maximise the function and aesthetic of your unique space.


Daylight first, then artificial light. We apply light to human form, using light to hide and reveal: creating holistic spaces in which we, as humans, thrive.


From small, intimate spaces to large-scale experiential events, we have the creative vision and technical expertise to bring your space to life.


Whether working independently or as part of your wider architectural and specialist design teams, we are committed to creating radiant results.



If you’re looking for a lighting specialist or a lighting expert to make an impact in your industry with innovative lighting while taking the pain out of the project experience – you’re in the right place. Our knowledge and visionary flair mean that we know exactly what you will need to truly make your mark. Whether you are adding magic to an experiential event, illuminating an exhibition, or lighting an unforgettable commercial space, our creative masterminds and technical experts are here to support you.

Since 2016, we have designed and delivered lighting solutions for diverse projects spanning multiple industries; cultural lighting, residential lighting, retail lighting, and hotel lighting, are all well within our scope. Working out of the UK, Tanzania, and the UAE, our partner relationships and the astounding results we’ve created speak for themselves.


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  • Step 5

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