Light . Funcers

Passionate, highly skilled, and multi-talented. You’ll want our team by your side.

We’re a diverse and quirky bunch of individuals who understand the intricacies of lighting, design, and execution. Our motto is to get it done, with uncompromising quality.


We’re a boutique studio, making a BIG impact. United in industry-leading, brilliant, sustainable, innovative lighting design, we thrive as a team to make the unique brand of Light.Func magic happen. We have sound family values and unwavering ethics, bringing out the very best in our people and projects.

Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller

Founder-Design Director

With a flair and passion for the creative, Sakina is founder of Light.Func. Gregarious in nature, she leads the team in delivering design of the highest creative and technical quality. With over a decade of experience in the Middle East, she goes beyond just design, being actively involved in education and speaking on the international stage to inspire the lighting community.

Rouwaida Dugawalla


Rouwaida, otherwise known as Rou, is the business director for all our regions. She is instrumental in the efficiency of the team, making sure projects are audited and executed to the Design Director’s intent. She is in charge of all administrative, human resources, and accounting for the studio. Rou is the Light.Func beacon of light – her positivity and enthusiasm are second-to-none.

Feisal Abasi


Feisal spearheads our business development, from connecting with new markets to creating lasting client relationships. He has an eye for detail in design and makes sure all documentation and project specifications are done to the highest standard. With his easygoing nature and creative mindset, Feisal is invaluable. He ensures that every opportunity worth the Light.Func approach is fully explored.

Priyanka Viegas

Senior Lighting Designer

With over eight years’ experience in interior design and lighting, Priyanka has both a BAID and a masters in marketing. She is driven by her passion to produce design that astounds. Innately artistic, she uses software to bring the studio’s creativity to life. Like all artistic souls, she will not stop until her vision is realised.

Janno Cuenco

Senior Technical Designer

Janno is our in-house architect, AutoCAD guru, and resident gentleman. With more than a decade of experience leading architectural and engineering teams, he leads the team in all aspects of technical drawings with his laser-sharp eye for detail. Driven by perfecting all aspects of design, he inspires the rest of the team to an even higher level of excellence.

Andrea El Osta

Senior Designer . Client Management

Andrea loves to create impact through innovative lighting. She brings a wealth of experience to Light.Func, having worked on interior and lighting design for cultural and artistic projects in Milan, high-tech office retail environments, hospitality, and theatrical lighting. Her confidence and determination are a huge asset to our studio, helping us to continually push boundaries and envision bold ideas.

Binesh Chandra

Senior Visual & Technical Designer

Binesh is a passionate designer with over ten years’ experience working in the Middle East. Coming from a technical chemistry background, he has a natural flair for complex software and technology – a perfect combination to produce exemplary lighting design. He has incredible attention to detail, an excellent nature, and is always willing to raise the bar within our studio.

Donna Lyn Cada

Document Controller & Coordinator

Donna can only be described as a breath of fresh air. A multi-tasker and immaculate organiser, she is invaluable to our team. Donna ensures compliance to project standards, timely submissions, project records and planning, as well as adherence to deadlines. Beyond just accuracy and timely submissions officer, Donna has become a mentor to the team, especially when the pressure is on!

Gayle Coutinho

Lighting Designer

Gayle is a creative 3D modeler with a strong passion for lighting design. She has joined the Light.Func team to develop her skills and progress in her career to become a lighting designer. Her role within Light.Func is in developing concepts, sketches, and working with other team members to ensure all of the project deliverables are met.

Mikhail Punsalan

Technical Designer

Mikhail is the latest addition to our team and contributes even further to our technical prowess. With a decade of experience in technical roles, he brings to our studio a fundamental and uncompromising skill to ensure, improve, and maintain the quality of detail we are known for. Mikhail’s AutoCAD, BIM, and coordination skills make him an irreplaceable team member.

Firdaus Hamyar

Studio Administration & Leadership

Fida makes sure our studio runs like clockwork. She organises our team presentations, makes sure bids are on time, keeps the accounts in check, and provides all the food and fun stuff we need to keep morale and efficiency high. Her excellent management and attention to detail ensure the QA/QC process is applied to all projects. She is also extremely lovely!

Reem Yassin

Lighting Designer

Qatar-born Reem began her career earning her degree and practising in architecture. From there she discovered a talent for lighting design – and has never looked back! Her breadth of experience spans lighting for tourist real estate, university landscaping, conferences, TV, and commercial banking. Her quiet -yet energising presence adds something truly unique to our team and untold value for our clients.


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