Dynamic Advanced

Mohamed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub . Dubai

A state-of-the-art training facility for the aviation industry.

Dynamic Advanced is the Middle East, Africa, and Asia’s first independent aviation training facility. In this complex and high-tech environment, lighting has a myriad of uses. And, as a training academy, it is vital to keep energy use and running costs low at Dynamic Advanced. The scheme starts with studying daylight, using this natural resource to propagate space. LED lights are carefully chosen, and staff are given full control of the lighting system to reduce waste. Going beyond functional, light enhances the industrial, open theme. In the lobby, grades of light intensity and decorative fixtures create impact and a warm welcome.

For training, light supports hyper-realistic simulation, recreating skies at any time of day. The result is a world-class training facility that sets the scene for innovation and success.

Lighting design is an essential feature in any aviation training facility. It is not just for functional purposes, but also for aesthetic appeal, productivity and safety. As a lighting design consultancy, Light Func embodies these values through our expertise in designing high-quality lighting in a range of project typologies. With over 15 years of experience and a design team that values collaboration, we can deliver the perfect lighting scheme for any project – including aviation training facilities. By providing design specifications and layouts for contractors to follow, Light Func guarantees optimal lighting conditions for every space.  

 Let Light Func create a dynamic and advanced lighting design for your aviation training facility.



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