Every project lighting designer’s dream is to unlock the untold potential of experiential and heritage project designs with unique implementation of cultural lighting. It can be daunting for many lighting specialists but at Light.Func, we make it easy. With our specialism in creative lighting design, we have helped clients from all backgrounds and industries create the perfect balanced outcome for their projects. Be it residential home improvements or immersive experiences to commercial renovations – Light.Func creates a unique atmosphere and has the expertise and resources to provide you with the most suitable lighting solution. With our passion for creating beautiful and detailed designs, let us take your next lighting project to new heights with our take on Cultural Lighting.

Enhance your architectural design

Cultural lighting is all about understanding the project ethos; ranging from heritage sites that may be UNESCO protected, to celebratory events, Light.Func’s lighting schemes can emphasise the beauty of any architecture or curate how we experience interior spaces. It can bring out a room’s best features, creating an inviting environment for visitors and customers. From creating intricate patterns to adding subtle illumination – let Light.Func create a unique atmosphere to help you find the perfect lighting solution for your project.

Experience the mesmerising beauty of Juma’a Mosque with Light.Func’s approach to religious cultural lighting. Our expert team envisaged and enhanced how to accentuate the intricate patterns by studying various placements of illumination; the outcome was a scheme that best captured and highlighted the iconic symbolism and contemporary architecture of the Mosque. Cultural lighting enlivens any architectural splendour, bringing out the best of its features and instilling a sense of awe in visitors and customers. Whether it is enhancing patterns such as the regional mashrabiya, calligraphy or even subtle illumination, our unique atmosphere creates an undeniable sense of place. With Light.Func, you will discover the perfect lighting solution that can take your projects to the next level.

Create a unique atmosphere

With our experience and expertise in cultural lighting design, we understand how important it is to capture our client’s vision and unlock any project’s potential. We strive to create atmospheres tailored toward specific markets, allowing us to explore any project’s possibilities. For example, the project that was done at Sharjah Safari. This lighting scheme spans the conference centre, restaurant, and visitor interpretation centres of an aviary, lemur, crocodile, and lion sanctuary.

Our lighting solutions creatively use daylight propagation, adding depth and realism to recreate the animals’ natural habitat. Visitors will be truly immersed, navigating the lemur’s dappled forest floor, interacting with perfectly lit props and displays, and engaging in fun and easy-to-follow visual cues and wayfinding. We ensure that artificial light does not impact animal welfare, whilst providing clear visibility to promote a safe and comfortable environment.

Not only do we provide you with a memorable experience through our cultural lighting designs, but we also embrace energy efficiency. Our designs guarantee lower energy consumption to internationally adopted standards without compromising the atmosphere we create. With our attention to acute detailing and commitment to innovation, we were humbly surprised and pleased to receive the Lighting Design of the Year award at the Index Design Awards 2022, speaking volumes about our guaranteed quality.

Award-winning consultants

Light.Func’s cultural lighting skills have resulted in numerous award-winning masterpieces, including the breathtaking lighting for the 50th UAE National Day in the Hajar Mountains’ celebratory event for the UAE’s Golden Jubilee Anniversary. Collaborating closely with scenic designers, specialist entertainment lighting teams and sometimes other lighting consultants in Dubai, our skilled experts create unforgettable lighting schemes that elevate every aspect of an experiential event. From facade lighting that impresses heads of state to internal illumination that showcases artwork, our strategic use of light enhances every detail. We create awe-inspiring spaces using a play of light and shadow, ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Trust Light.Func to bring your vision to life with exceptional cultural lighting skills.

No matter the project’s complexity, our team of skilled experts offers original solutions suited to its requirements such as this breathtaking project, demonstrating an award-winning “piece of art”.

Professional work worldwide

Light.Func is an exceptional lighting design firm that’s dedicated to delivering top-quality services to clients worldwide. Our team of award-winning consultants has years of experience in cultural lighting design to name but a few. We are passionate about creating immersive and unforgettable spaces for our clients. Our initial prowess into the Cultural Lighting field was our Founder’s design for the Women’s Museum located in Dubai albeit in the employment of a previous lighting company. The Women’s Museum was the first of its kind, dedicated to the history of UAE women.

The museum features both permanent and temporary exhibitions that showcase the collections and exhibit works by local, female upcoming artists. Track lighting with a flexible system that would cater for future changes in displays and artworks was used. Light here is used sparingly to highlight the exhibits and create a perfectly immersive experience, curated towards the displayed works of art.

From intricate patterns to subtle illumination, our passionate professionals have the expertise to bring out the best in any architecture or interior space. Light.Func is here to support you every step of the way and let us show you the magic that can be created behind and beyond generic cultural lighting design.

Light up your space like never before with Light.Func’s exceptional cultural lighting design services. Our expert consultants and award-winning team can craft distinctive environments that cater to your market and vision. We’re equipped with the necessary expertise to overcome challenges in cultural lighting design. This allows us to exquisitely illuminate any space with intricate patterns and delicate lighting, showcasing the best features of any building or interior. Let us bring enchantment to your surroundings and highlight the best elements of any building, heritage site, interior space or experiential moments!