Benefits of Good Lighting Design

Not only will working with a residential lighting designer help you to seamlessly bring your ideas to life, but it will also help to make each room of your home stand out and feel unique.
Good lighting design has been linked to how a person perceives a room and how they feel while they are in it. Other than making a room look and feel extraordinary, good lighting designer can bring an array of physical and psychological benefits including, but not limited to an increase in cognitive performance, a reduction in low moods, and can even help regulate a person’s circadian rhythm.
Lighting design and installation can work for any private or commercial residential building to add a touch of variety and luxury. The use of warm, human-centric lighting can help create an intuitive space and health benefits such as a relaxing private villa space which promotes warmth and well-being; residential interior design informs our clients of the type of light fittings that should be used – dependent on the characteristic of the space – as an example, track lights and chandeliers can be used to add character as sometimes used in a hotel. The possibilities are endless and can be completely tailored to the specifications of your vision.
We work closely with architects and designers to bring your visions to life and create the perfect, well-balanced luxurious space – combining functionality, feature lighting and statement pieces. Partnering with a high-end expert and experienced lighting project designer can help tailor the right solution for your needs & the space.

Types of design

Our design strategy concentrates on achieving a balance between artistic concepts and technical competence to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and cosy. We do this through detailing and utilising fixtures with different colour temperatures and beam angles within our specification; No two spaces are the same whether we are designing a residential lobby or a private dressing room in a master suite. The art of design is in Creating well-proportioned luxurious spaces that are functionally lit whilst enhancing interior finishes and texture. There are several different lighting designs that we offer at LightFunc, each carefully analysed and developed to accentuate or suppress different details and areas of a room.

SLS Residences

A different take on residential high-rise living. Luxury motivates & forms the basis of this residential lighting design. With this unique style & take on design, warm, welcoming atmospheres are created throughout the property to help radiate a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere. The lighting design is used to show off prominent architectural features and furnishings within the residence, elevating the high-end calibre of the property.

VIP Luxury Escape

Luxury Escape is the embodiment of technology and aesthetics for a classical yet modern design. The lighting is used to enhance architectural elements with a warm hue – inviting observers and future home buyers to desire a high-end waterfront property. Adjustable lighting integrated and hidden throughout its design is the basis of this residential lighting scheme. Lighting helps not only to create a dramatic effect but further increase the feeling of height and luxury connected to the architecture & interior design.

Private Residences

Private residential design is often developed with inherent lighting design when it comes to creating a striking residence. With this style of design, lighting concentrates on creating a cosy and inviting feeling, highlighting any features and the clean design of all seamlessly designed architecture.

Luxury Villas

Incredibly developed Villa and hotel lighting design schemes often accentuate walls for brightness – this increases the overall ambience, highlighting the sense of space, volume and underlining luxury. Detailing is further developed, focusing subtly integrated lighting subtle lights to help create the ultimate destination & vibrant atmosphere for their guests.

Award-Winning Project Design

We have worked with a variety of industry leaders, clients, interior designers and architects to reinvent the way lighting is utilised and enjoyed in private and commercial residential lighting design, globally. To view our vast range of services, and how we can create luxury and human-centred lighting solutions for your residential building,view our recent projects.

Where We Cover

We are an independent and award-winning company working out of the UK, Tanzania, and the UAE. We offer our luxury residential lighting services internationally. Our aim is to always listen to every client’s vision and create a space that surpasses their expectations. We are known for our international presence and strong commitment to continually raising the bar of lighting design within the industry. So if you’re looking for a reliable and professional residential lighting design team, then look no further than Light Func.

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