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Every Day Every Night.

A one of a kind beach club, EDEN was Crystal Group's first beach club in the UAE. Appointed as an independent lighting designer, Sakina took on the challenge with enthusiasm.

Characterised by a central pool area, but open to the natural elements by the sea, complete with an accessible beach, EDEN also had a signature restaurant and private VIP cabanas on the beach as well as at the back. The secondary cabanas had a private plunge pool.

The task at hand was to have a scheme that

  • transitioned from day to night

  • offered privacy

  • create a vibrant club atmosphere

  • enhance the fine dining aspect of the restaurant

  • create a romantic atmosphere on the beach area

  • have clear visual segregation of the different areas

  • flowed from club, fine dining, to relaxation

  • had adequate illumination for the 1000+ patrons on any given day

Coloured light transitioned from a sunset hue to a vibrant colour scheme on the predominantly white structures. Lighting is used to create emphasis on the central bar by integrating into joinery, privacy by washing the sheer curtains with saturated colour, and warm white hues for all functional lighting to enhance a relaxed atmosphere.

A perfectly balanced combination of architectural lighting, entertainment lighting and strategies that give rise to what was once the most coveted destination by Dubai residents!

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