ND50 Wins at the Index Design Awards

We are thrilled to have won Lighting Design of the Year at the Index Design Awards for our project ND 50 at the Index Design Awards 2022 in Dubai. The Index Design awards are the only design awards where judging is done blindly. With only an 8 week timeline from design to hand-over. A unique concept that is fitting for Emirati Royalty, you can read all about this project on here.

A wonderful collaboration with the People team and great execution on installation and supply by Creation Gulf Trading LLC

A massive congratulations to everyone else who won on the night.

SLS Hotel wins Hospitality project of the year!

We are thrilled to report that the SLS Hotel Dubai has been awarded as the 2021 Light Middle East’s Hospitality project of the year.

The SLS hotel and brand exudes style. An uncompromising approach to luxury, it embodies the SBE’s highest brand – creating a niche for hospitality. Lighting therefore enhances this feeling. Integrating within the interior fabric, light is always felt, seldom seen. When seen,
it is purposed to be so, creating an impact that is both aesthetic
and emotion.

Interior detailing is enhanced, architectural massing is underlined – spaces are created for patrons to revel in. Layered lighting strategies create a destination that is synonymous with glamour.

A sustainable approach to lighting is created, by the use of higher efficacy luminaires putting light where it is needed. The experience of lighting is created through careful scenes, where each light can be controlled individually – costly? Not at all, in fact, the more we invested in controls the more savings were made – imagine the most glamorous hotel paving the way in reducing the carbon footprint.

Initial Interior Design goals are met with a perfect balance of light, and shadow. Afterall, great lighting design is knowing what not to light.

As a lighting designer, hospitality lighting design is quite a challenge. There are several elements to be taken into account, but the most important is Guest Experience which of course leads to the elevation of the brand.

We are so proud to look back on this project, a milestone for Light.Func, achieving design from concept to construction documentation for the public areas in just 4 months.