What does a lighting designer do?

Mar 16, 2023

We give the low-down on the world of architectural lighting design.

Ask any discerning lighting designer what they do – and they’ll probably answer, “what don’t we do?!” It’s the same here at Light.Func. Because creative vision is just the starting point.

Many factors come into the mix, from the original concept to the completion of a project; for architectural lighting design, the lighting designer must be part artist, part technician. And the best lighting designers understand the vital role of the human response to light in any given space. Ever tried having a romantic meal under striplights? Perfect lighting is a deal-breaker when it comes to creating an atmosphere.

A step further than interior design

Decorative lighting fixtures are intrinsic to an interior design scheme, but a professional lighting designer will bring technical knowledge and creative solutions to the project. An experienced architectural lighting designer will assess the space, use tried-and-tested techniques to add value with light and optimise the lighting controls.

Technical expertise

An architectural lighting designer offers expertise which goes beyond the design of lighting a room. Creating a technical plan to support the installation and recommending a suitable control solution will help your project run smoothly without needing to hire additional specialists.

Industry-led best practice

The lighting design industry is constantly evolving. Lighting control technology, equipment and techniques develop quickly, and it’s not easy to keep up with the progress. A professional lighting designer will make it their business to be informed creatively and technically to provide the best solutions. This means you gain the advantages of industry-leading knowledge, technical know-how, and the most effective techniques to support your project.

Maximise your budget

When it comes to cost savings, there’s a lot to be said about using expertise and the benefit of experience. An architectural lighting designer will work closely with you to help you establish a budget and provide the best lighting solution within that budget. They will specify lighting equipment and techniques to reduce installation costs, select lighting fixtures from trusted manufacturers, and help you maximise energy efficiency.


Did you know the quality of light within a space can impact our physical and mental well-being? The right lighting can enhance mood, help us to sleep better, and make us more productive. And the wrong lighting can make it hard to concentrate, cause eye strain, headaches, and fatigue. This is crucial to consider in the design of any built environment, whether that is a commercial space, cultural event, or a new home. Hiring an architectural lighting designer will ensure that the lighting scheme will enhance well-being alongside the aesthetics and functional use of the space.


Immersive, experiential spaces need the right lighting to bring the space to life! And nobody understands light and how to use it, like an architectural lighting designer. They assess each unique scenario and use the most effective products and techniques to achieve the ambience, function, and style you’re looking for. Architectural lighting designers can create an impact that will make you appreciate light more than ever.

World-class lighting design from Light.Func

Since 2016, our lighting design team has designed and delivered lighting solutions for diverse projects spanning multiple industries; cultural lighting, residential lighting, retail lighting, and hotel lighting, are all well within our scope. Working out of the UK, Tanzania, and the UAE, our partner relationships and the astounding results we’ve created speak for themselves.

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