Leisure . Restaurant & Bar

Light Func was approached by  Exceptional interiors on behalf of Passion F&B FZCO to create a lighting concept for a signature Tapas Bar located on The Palm.

The project was marred by budgetary constraints in a challenging market for
F&B, so the task at hand was to create a coherent lighting scheme that was as unique as the F&B concept that didn't
break the bank.

The central bar is characterised by a hanging display, and roughly hewn counter top which surrounds an open kitchen. The perimeter of the space is finished with casual style bar seating and panels that were made of wall tiles, covered with a metal grill from whence words that signified A'cappella's signature were mounted.

Light Func took the word A'cappella, for which the verbatim meaning is Italian for "in the manner of the chapel" denoting music which is made of group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.

The lighting scheme goes so far as to create a brand identity that sets the location apart from the bordering eateries. Just as in Acappella, lighting is layered so that the final look is an amalgamation of different approaches, creating an atmosphere that visitors strive within. To set the light melody of sorts, the space is bathed with a deep saturation of colour on the periphery, which sets the canvas for the rest of the lighting intent. Light where it is required was the approach, hence concealed joinery lighting:

1. underlines every layer of the space, creating a hospitality sophistication
2. Creates way-finding under "floating" cantilevered bar counters as well as contrast and a light play
3. Is used to provide functional lighting over the central bar precisely, working with the interior architecture

Light therefore enhances the linear nature of the space; it creates depth, beckoning visitors to explore further. The depth of saturation that is finalised is created specifically to offset the decorative pendants and wall-mounted
fixtures that add a vintage glow. The icing on the top is the signage lighting that enhances further, the brand identity