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A visual story

The concept development stage is the initial stage of the design process. It is where our creative ideas are applied to the material we have been provided by the architects/ designers. We take in to account the aesthetics, functional use, and the architectural structure as well as details of the project to name a few. This is considered the most creative stage of the whole lighting design process:



A visual translation

This stage aims to show the application of the concepts in drawings and gives a graphical representation of the concept application with sketches on possible installation solutions. This stage is crucial prior to commencing design development and issuance of drawings

00 Sketch.PNG


Technical implementation

This is the final stage of the design process and aims to take in to account all the details gathered above in developing the final ceiling, floor and lighting layouts , controls diagrams and layouts, as well as documentation and specifications including detailing that meet site requirements as well as design intent.

Lighting Layout.png


Tender, Tender Review & Contract Administration

This is a crucial stage to ensure that adequate information in provided to the employer om the submitted tender returns to ensure that the tenderers have met the design intent and maintained the project specification. A final tender evaluation report will be issued to the client following a comprehensive tender review. Light.Func will also on final approval from the Client and main consultant issue a set of coordinated drawings and schedules for construction.

And afterwards conduct all site supervision by commissioning during installation, both for fixture aiming, controls programming with the appointed engineers and final scene setting with the client and final end user.