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So over 6 weeks have passed since we last blogged - where does the time go?? We have been extremely busy with our feet stuck in so many different aspects of the business, much like an octopus.

Having hit the social media wagon head on like a bull, we post all our inspirations including some of our creative prowess there on a daily basis. It has been quite challenging keeping on top of it! The fun part is interacting with all our followers; unlike design people it has been an eyebrow-raising experience, trying to spread the word on lighting design. As professionals within the industry, we generally (by default) interact with a community well-versed on the service(s) we offer: architects, interior designers; so to get the general public's reaction has been somewhat overwhelming! Think of that moment when it dawns on a layman that lighting design is more than just a concept or pretty picture. Or worse, that it's not just a light fixture, bulb, and lo and behold - a switch! We'd like to send a shout out to Feisal, our social media & marketing manager, whom the Principal has just thrust into the abyss that is lighting, and who spends all his time scouring the World Wide Web (yes, it's true, our Principal didn't know it that's what www stood for - what a funny moment that was). Fey, as we all affectionately call him, has been busy developing our presence online, whilst trying to maintain our brand image. Hashtag anyone?! Not to mention, just the sheer effort of getting the website sorted - a daily task that is never ending. A round of applause is necessary.

We believe in education - Light.Func's sole existence is based on communicating the benefits of lighting design to the masses, of which the switch hasn't been turned on. As such, it was only fitting that we partnered up with Messe Frankfurt to add value to this year's Light Middle East exhibition and of course that means we are the official design studio for the Light Middle East conference. Our principal will be present throughout the event, so if you attend, make sure you look for the girl with a big wad of curls on her head! If you don't know what LME is, it is an event which aims to bring together all disciplines within the lighting industry including professionals, manufacturers and suppliers to name a few. Having been an attendant in previous years, we were excited to be a part of the team that Messe Frankfurt have assembled and are looking forward to two new design-based initiatives that we have helped to organise, one of which is the brainchild of our founder.

Of course as a lighting design studio, the majority of our time is occupied by design work. We have been working hard on our projects and our designers have just finished the first one, which is due to open in November - watch this space! Between the Middle East and our native Africa, all-nighters are the norm to get deadlines out of the way, but hey! that's what every designer will tell you they have to do. Light is what we do, and with a diverse team that is spread throughout the globe, it is a giggle-fest during the daily evening Skype call, when the only light in our Principal's work area is an Ikea bedside lamp - we are pretty sure she gets nothing more than 50 lux, a tenth of what she should be.. I guess that's what happens when you work with light all day, you need to reset of an evening! As projects stretch as far as Nigeria, the different individuals we meet on a daily basis bring humour and input in our lives leading to the invention of our weekly cartoon! All our social media channels will include daily updates on our projects, what we're upto and of course be updated on the website as well.

To keep it short and sweet, we'd like to say thank you to Rou (short for Rouwaida), for speaking the language that our fiery and passionate Principal speaks, and taking on the role of managing the team and studio at large. A physiotherapist by profession, she brings laughter, fun times and a can do attitude. For anyone who hasn't heard from her yet, she is our HR, Admin + Finance go to lady, and occasionally keeps on top of email communication from our Principal; so if you get an email that sounds a little like Sakina, but not quite, chances are she was probably doing her best! Our studio is getting that much more organised because we have her on board. Thank you, Rou!

Ramees, who is based in his native India is our IT guru and software freak (yes we said it), because we do not know anyone who has that high an IQ for whom no software is a fortress. But primarily, he is a passionate lighting designer and completes the team in diversity and energy. We all know that Sakina would be lost without the team, but please, nobody tell her.

Which is why her travel starts now.. everywhere you look and there is a little lady smiling and blurting out nonsense about lighting - well that's her!

Everybody has a journey. Light is our journey.

Catch up soon!

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