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London Design Festival 2017

Another month, another escapade covered by Lightfunc. For this month

light.func-ers attended two venues both of which were part of the London design festival. We visited the V&A Museum and Darc room in London.

As a lighting design studio, there’s always the need to attend numerous lighting events. We understand that lighting is not the centre of everyones’s attention and so we take upon ourselves to change such ideologies!

Lighting should be attractive, functional, as well as fun, question is did we get to find these attributes in the two events we attended?!

An hour’s journey to Euston train station ( London ), we were quickly reminded that time is of the essence. Everyone was in a hurry like bees in a honey comb.

Since the hub of the London design festival was at the Victoria and Albert Museum it was a no brainer that we start there. You know that feeling when you go to an unfamiliar place and the walk feels so long?! Well this was the case. On arrival we were met with security check, rightly so considering the V&A is the world’s greatest museum of art and design. The museum was enormous with every space utilised to the T. The architecture was so impressive it was as though we were in a hotel in Budapest, the way the down lights were positioned breathed a new life into the antique furniture and various sculptures.

The hall way was full of historic sculptures surrounded by artists drawing pictures of them and classical instrumental music playing in the background. Up the bronze stairs we went where a spectacular painting was caressed with narrow beam spotlights. Bringing a picture to life, it’s a cliché’ but this is exactly what this felt like.

A slight peep to our left, there were dark long curtains, and here it was the reflection room by Flynn Talbot. I had been gunning to see this installation. The effect of the installation was fascinating and the mood truly depended on each individual’s feeling. Generally the colour the reflection was uplifting. Talbot does not believe in being bound by style, material or form and with that method the result was timeless.

Ever heard of high tide for Carmen?! Neither did we. Well this is not part of LDF 2017! But seriously we could not ignore the creative genius behind the setup.

It’s an installation that gets under the skin of how the opera on the lake is created, with direction by Kasper Holten, stage design by Es Devlin and video by Luke Halls. Believe you me when I tell you, you ought to see this installation in person. Can you believe this card is in fact a canvas painting!

Well that was that and now past the restaurant which had absolutely magical suspended chandeliers, you get the sense that no expense was spared. We wondered down the corridors, finding the world’s first living and breathing chandelier utilising novel bionic – leaf technologies by Julian Melchiorri, was very difficult but the moment we locked eyes with the one of a kind  “EXHALE“ bionic chandelier the feeling was like a breath of fresh air.

Well anything to do with our beloved Mondo Arc magazine we can never ignore and seeing it is an absolute must! For our final destination, we hopped on to the Piccadilly line to Holborn where Darc room took place in the basement of the magnificent Victoria House.

Business is always first, beam angle talk, RGB talk, colour temperatures, warranty, Dubai logististics, you name it! All in all, there was diverse number of manufacturers. Yes we had Linealight, Soraa, LEDlinear and the usual suspects, but there were new start ups and smaller family owned brand and it was a breath of fresh air to see what these newer manufacturers had to offer. You might be thinking that using a new manufacturer in an existing and competitive lighting industry is a gamble!! Not necessarily in our opinion, as new manufactures sometimes bring fresh innovation and even func-y designs.

Now the favourite non-business aspect of our escapade. Its always wondering around admiring the lighting installations. We saw various light.tastic installations by different design studios and manufactures, don’t take my word for it click on the link to join in the experience! My favorite maybe non-lighting installation was the cocktail robot. I was mesmerised watching it deliver drink after drink. Super cool invention!

The overall experience of attending the DARC room was so sensual and stimulating.

Remember everyone has a journey, ours is light…

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