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I never thought lighting would become such a passion of mine. With a wealth of experience in business, marketing normally involves branding. When my role was expanded to include attending Lighting events within the European region, I was excited yet hesitant on what it is that I would encounter at these events.

I started my journey by car heading towards Nottingham’s Light Night with my camera readily attached to me. I was ready to snap away at any interesting scenes I found. En route to Nottingham to castle grounds It felt like I was going back in time, centuries ago in historical England. Not only was the scenery amazing, but the atmosphere was calm yet lively at the same time. It was admirable the work that had gone in to ensuring that the whole castle and surrounding areas were undestroyed and the character remained as raw as could be.

Upon entering the castle grounds, I was met with an amazing spectacle of coloured landscape lighting along with a beautifully lit castle façade. The design was undertaken by Andrew McKeon and It was an absolute spectacle. My personal favourite of the castle light night was the climb up the hilly steps to the castle ground which is now a Fine Arts museum. I captured some breath-taking cityscapes of Nottingham city. On my descent, I came back across a Robin Hood Monument and the illumination of this was so cleverly executed, it was another moment to capture on an amazing night of Light.

Having captured all I could at the Nottingham Castle, I headed to Nottingham Trent University to have a look at the student developed.

As a company that is passionate about education, I was in turn interested to see the amazing work the students had put in. On arrival, I was left gobsmacked by the architecture of the main design building! It looked like a castle! It was absolutely beautiful and I’m sure walking in to lectures these design and architecture students have their daily dose of inspiration.

On walking in to the Newton building where the various decorative light fixtures were on display, it was great to see the amount of effort and work that went in to designing these products with recycled raw material. My favourite pendant was this amazing wooden spiral made by one of the students. To my curiosity downstairs there was what looked to me like a beautiful glass chandelier with amazing fluorescent floor lights! When I went downstairs I met some students including Sarah Turner who is a designer that uses recycled material in her design. The amazing chandelier I had seen upstairs was made purely from recycled plastic bottles and simple LED light bulbs!!

Having finished my debut lighting event, I must say I cannot wait for my next one! I love lighting and as we say here at light.Func; Everyone has a journey. Ours is light.

Stay tuned for my next #LightFuncscapade!

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