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We never anticipated how busy this past week and next week were going to be! So we had a deadline to deliver a full lighting design package on Monday, of course as ever, there are changes. So in another week we try again! It has been absolutely manic and as the official lighting design studio for light middle East conference, the next few days are about to get even busier!

This blog is dedicated to a preview of the Light Middle East show, and what we think are some crucial happenings. On the 31st there are 2 workshops one by KNX and the second one focusing on POE. Technology is moving fast and this is one innovation which is of interest to us at Light.Func. It will be interesting to see how POE shapes control systems going forward and the flexibility this will offer lighting designers and electrical control engineers. There is an afternoon workshop at LME and we are looking forward to attending this as well.

I definitely plan to attend both days of the conference as well as live coverage on Ready Steady Light! On day 1, my picks for the topics is about over-lighting. I feel it is an area the audience is going to be shocked by. I remember looking at a concept and feeling there was little attention being paid to use of the space and more to the aesthetic appearance. Martin Valentine's topic on the challenges of design, building and light the Antartic?! Sounds like a challenge, maybe it will make the meetings and site visits when its hot seem like a breeze! I like that there will also be panel discussions allowing us to interact and share ideas with lighting designers from around the world. Too many a time I have attended conferences and just felt a lot of it was taking in one person's idea! Can't wait to see everyone there.

Awards anyone? My dress is ready and so are the heels (Wait, I think I just dreamt that!). We did not enter this year being a newly formed company, but next year we should have a lot of projects to mull over?! Of course I have some biases seeing as some of the projects nominated are here within Dubai and by talent I am happy to call friends. Glad we are not tasked with the difficult job of picking the winner! Follow us on social media to see our favourite projects in the lead up to the awards.

Back soon! Keep a look out for our East African

escapade next month

Everyone has a journey. Ours is light.

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