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Light.ication V1.0 -The Birth

Light.ication is the brainchild of our principal. If you follow her, you know she is passionate about education and loves teaching. She therefore came up with this idea. The aim is to encourage lighting studios to mentor students in order to come up with an installation for the LME. She feels that many a time students are left out of big events, after all they are the future generation, so it is up to us to us to #inspire the next generation.

So 6 teams of students have been assembled from universities in Dubai and these range from various disciplines including architecture, engineering and interior design to name a few. Each team will be assigned a Lighting studio that will act as a mentor on the project. The teams are to then create an installation that will be presented to trade visitors and professionals at Light Middle East 2016, which takes place from 31 October – 2 November at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Each student group will write an essay about the concept, installation and challenges that they faced which will include testimonials from the manufacturers and lighting studios. A time-lapse video will also detail how they built up their installation and these will be aired on social media throughout the conference period. Can't be there? Don't worry, you can see videos of the installation on the official LME social media sites.

Everybody has a journey. Light is our journey.

Catch up soon!

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