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Light.ication v 2.0 - The launch

Whoever said change is constant?

Change is rapid, that is what I believe!

Hello 2017, our journey has begun yet again, albeit with new challenges.

"Change is rapid", let us revisit that statement - as we absorb inspiration from all around us, it is only fitting that this year's light.ication event is much like its predecessor but with some improvements mostly garnered through change and the experience of the inaugral Light.ication event at Light Middle East last year.

First off, after the success of last year, we are again off on our educational bandwagon, bringing together studios and students in a mentorship program.

This time, we will have live coverage of the workshops taking part and the actual event, with our very own team getting ankle deep in construction. The added touch? Teams will be put together with Middle East's lighting suppliers who further assist the lighting design community at large with everything that is deemed behind-the-scenes! We could all not do it without each other, afterall.

With the overwhelming support of institutions such as American University of Dubai, Manipal University in Dubai, Heriott-Watt University and Canadian University Dubai and especially the irreplaceable Messe Frankfurt's Light Middle East team, this year's event will be again part of the Light Middle East, this time in the FutureZone segment.

Teams will be made up, therefore with a variety of students, cultures, nationalities, designers, construction and installation professionals, manufacturers, technically apt and sales personnel. This takes the project full circle - from creation to realisation but with all aspects clearly displayed to further enhance the community's understanding and the importance of teamwork when undertaking a lighting design project.

In true dedication, we have taken and are still collating more information to enhance the experience for all involved. For example, thanks to Courtney Mark, Associate Lighting Designer at the renowned CD+M, this year's light.ication workshop must include a scavenge hunt! We at light.func thought this to be very similar to the #lightfuncscapades our team members constantly strive for!

See some of the videos from last year here!

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at light.ication@lightfunc.org.

Everyone has a journey. Ours is light.

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