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" Let there be light "

When GOD said:

" Let there be light "

The scripture took me to Euroluce...

It’s not a secret that I have a slight fear of flying, somewhat like wedding jitters. Did I mention that I love travelling?

The days felt as if they were moving slowly for the excitement I had to attend Euroluce in Milano.

A big shout out to LEDS-C4 for inviting us and their exceptional hospitality.

We took off from London city airport where I captured some of the best view of river Thames, upon landing at Lenate airport the weather was fun.tastic and the hotel was top notch, kudos to LEDS-C4 for their choice.

I slept like a new born baby, the opening day felt special as I had my two best friends on each side

( Partner in Crime/Camera ).  Upon arrival at Euroluce, it felt like a pilgrimage with the sheer amount of attendees, and the naked eye could not miss the remarkable architecture.

We covered majority of the stands in halls 9-11 and 13-15, but by far the two stands which were my favourite were LEDS-C4 and Cattelan Italia.

Overall the visit gave us a great insight into the lighting world and the experience was not just valuable but educational.

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