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I miss the good old days

Well, where do I begin..

It’s common knowledge that I’ve been attending fairs from as soon as I graduated, so Euroluce this year should have just been another show.

Well, actually it wasn’t! It was the first time that I was going to a fair, representing the other side (sounds like I belong in a rap clan)!

Finally, as an independent designer, and dare I say it, decision maker

( !/? jury is out on that one..).

The fair itself seemed quite busy with plenty of out-of-town people manoeuvering through crowds like 7.47 AM Dubai traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road – no indicators/blinkers, lane discipline or observing speed limits. I reached for my usual horn, and arrrrrgggghed in frustration when I realised it was foot traffic, and short of shoving someone in the back, there was nothing I could really do. Yes, the height issue still rears its head every now and again.

The team is disappointed when I say this year’s attendance may be my last, but simply because, as I get older, I find that I go back to basics. I think that the LEDolution is now at a level playing field, and lower manufacturing costs have made a variety of product available, with the advantage of having new product that still astounds you with its performance. There was a diversity of product, but also a sense of a lot of copying going around, for example the quintessential “rings” of light suspensions – there were everywhere..

I miss the good old days, when one brand had one thing that they did really well, and so they were in my top shelf of brain activity.

When you are involved in the industry as long as I have, it becomes more diffi

cult to be absolutely wowed – yes, you get the odd geeky thrill when you see a 40W LED linear fixture that can graze upto 25M, but if I were to be brutally honest, it was Hall 1 that took my breath away and slowed down my trampling hooves.

Good, old-fashioned luminaire design, call them chandeliers, sconces, whatever you like, this is what art in light is for me, at present.

Yes, I love a good gobo-projector, coloured light used well, DMX systems, infinite media façade and dynamic design; but I find I am more drawn to the artistry of things long gone – Murano glass, scrolling, material, sheer workmanship. John Bullock called it the mistress of every room, and Steven Rosen’s interview on the progress of the lighting industry finished with how we are now moving towards the more artistic side of lighting – those pieces of art, they’re what feed my inspiration as of late. So, Euroluce for me, reignited my passion for the old, the authentic, and the grand – but hey, I AM a designer, so let’s see what the next lightfunc.scapade brings!

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