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Leisure . Restaurant & Bar

Molecule Restaurant Bar & Lounge is the Light.Func baby, having opened its doors to the public in 2017

Combining real creativity with the concept of gastronomy, the space comprises a restaurant, bar, lounge and outdoor area. It is after all

"This is where creators meet and makers eat."

Light.Func worked hard to enhance the space by leaving no chance to forgotten detail. Starting with studying how daylight propagated the space from an undulating ceiling height of 9M to 2.6M, we studied different vantage points so that the space was revealed to each person within the space, no matter where they sat. Nuances of light highlight tables for privacy, segregate different spaces, light artwork, create cozy spaces, and a catwalk experience upstairs with a combined play of light and shadow as one moves from the elevator to the washroom on the mezzanine floor.

By day, a cafe, by evening, a lounge and by night fine dining and entertaining, the concept was to give the ambience of each of the above situations.

But also as a gallery, its walls were going to be graced with curated works of art that changed seasonally. Light, therefore had to be demure, outline different spaces, completely absorbed in the interior architecture - felt, and not seen, with the exception of the decorative fixtures. A designer's hub in D3, it is one of a kind experience.