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Jones - Dubai Mall

Leisure . F & B

Light Func was approached by LXA on behalf of Al Futtaim Group to create a lighting concept for the latest Jones The Grocer instalment. Located near other cafe's and eateries, as well as the retail area, the importance to create a strong brand identity was key.

The lighting scheme had to contend with daylight and the brighter  storefronts characteristic of retail areas.
Layered lighting is used in the different spaces which are meant for different experiences for customers. The challenge was to visibly make the space appear bright without causing indirect glare. A vertical lighting strategy is employed to achieve overall brightness within the whole restaurant, with the added advantage of emphasising interior architectural

Focus light is used sparingly over counters and tables to facilitate both function and contrast. Concealed lighting underlines joinery detail, enhances merchandise and is used at the front of the service spaces as well
as behind seating for visual & architectural interest.

Decorative lighting and light art style signage selected by the interior designer is taken into account at all stages of the design process. Lighting had to conform to the different times of day, giving different moods during the day, from the morning breakfast
service, afternoon lunch service punctuated with all day service, and give a more subdued dining atmosphere after dark.

The result is a coherent language that flows through the space, using lighting strategies that start with vertical
illumination to concealed underlining elements all the way to creating atmospheric contrast.