Golden Tulip Zanzibar

Leisure . Hospitality

Light.Func was approached by the Royal group Zanzibar to provide a Lighting scheme for the first airport hotel in Zanzibar.  

Zanzibari culture is steeped in Islamic & Middle Eastern beginnings & still echoes that heritage.  Naturally daily life consequently has been so very finely intertwined with those beginnings, hence the standing relics of architectural & cultural influence.  The natural archipelago of the islands, gives rise to pristine nvironments. Awe-inspiring sunsets, turquoise blue seas, and a flora & fauna that travel magazines are only thrilled to sing praises for.  Ultimately the people are welcoming, and steeped in tradition & warmth.  

Light is used to accentuate the architectural features whilst providing a subtle-yet welcoming atmosphere that respects nature and the dark sky environment within the region.