Gargash Hospital

Commercial . Institutional . Hospital

The first of its kind in the UAE, the Gargash Hospital is Dr. Husnia's dream come true, having dedicated her life to helping families who struggle with fertility. A state of the art facility, it takes into account not just out-patient services, but in-patience as well as pre and post natal counselling - dare we say it even features rehabilitation in the form of yoga!
Healthcare for us is about well-being, as we believe it is not about quantitative lighting. Our practice focuses on the human aspect in each space hence we find that without qualitative lighting, spaces are lit improperly.

Light.Func's scope was for all areas, we even assisted with the BOH lighting, and of course the spectacle that is the facade lighting. 

The external and internal scheme were to marry together so that the inside became part of the outside, thanks to an interior architecture which enhances transparency and lightness within the space.

The interior scheme took into account as with all our projects, the human factor as the number one priority for the hospital.

Lighting applied in layers, looking to enhance spaces, always focusing on wayfinding, creating a multitasking environment. Different intensities and colour temperature form visual
cues to facilitate different tasks and movement through each space.

A variety of colour temperatures are used to ascertain visitors’ moods so as to reduce anxiety, as well as emulating the associative colour temperature as observed at different times of day. The latter is specifically targeted towards the in-patients and employees; the purpose of which is unique to each type.

Each area was designed to meet international standards for healthcare lighting, and though the project underwent a huge value engineering exercise, the outcome still achieves 80% of the design intent.

The administration & relaxation areas were also lit to create a cozy and friendly work environment, for staff that are expected to work fairly long hours!