Master Plan . Residential

The first of its kind in Zanzibar, a gated community with all the amenities and safety for families. Light.Func was approached by the main consultant working on the  Fumba Uptown Villas in Zanzibar for a lighting scheme for the whole development. The client and his investment portfolio set up a specific development company to focus on the quality and cost aspect.

The solution started with the  master planning of the public realm, developing into the individual villa types as well as moving to the retail phase planned for later.

We undertook the design through the main consultant, and working closely with the client, developed a complete street lighting solution which is part of the overall masterplan.

The challenges were to find the most energy efficient, long-life solution that was also unique. Custom-made marine grade pole-lighting was designed so that we achieved the least environmental impact using European and International Standards. We conducted extensive studies to ensure the colour temperature used would not be in the vicinity of the neighbouring sea so as to not impact the ecology as well as the illuminance levels achieved coincide with a rural setting, so as to not destroy the dark sky element that this region is known for.

We moved to re-designing the initial lighting scheme of the villas that already had an implemented solution. Using our expertise, we were able to find a more economical solution for the interior which still gave the residences a luxury feel on the inside and outside.

Most importantly, we managed to drastically cut down the exterior lighting by finding a 2-in-1 solution of lighting outdoor verandas and balconies with fixtures that illuminated the façade architecturally, as well as gave adequate illuminance for the occupants/home owners.

The savings on power consumption and eventual economical impact were significant, and we have included it as a case study that we  use for educational purposes especially in Africa.