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Wavespace is located in area 2071 in Emirates Towers. 

It embodies the Vision of the nation, towards its prowess of innovation, technology & AI.

Designed as a centre to cater to a multitude of brands, that can use its highly intelligent design & interactivity, it promises an unforgettable experience.

As lighting designers, we listened intently to the brief from the interior designer, the branding specialist, the project manager and of course, the client.

 Meant to operate 24hrs  , our intent was to therefore focus on flexibility. Some of our planning involved catering to:

- different scenarios based on the needs of each occupant

- light integration with the AV in the space

- a lighting system that could be both sophisticated & functional

- a low-consumption solution that would save the client millions in running the system

- a superior product selection that would afford visual comfort & longevity, maintenance-free

In-depth studies were made on how best to achieve the images approved by the client on the inception of the project. Lighting strategies employed had to keep in mind how to keep spaces feeling vibrant, so as to facilitate engagement, but not leave occupants tired. A lasting impression is created in the way light is implemented, so that each space is connected to the next in visibility, yet segregated in its versatile application.

This is one of our favourite spaces.


We aren't in favour of the final product used, as it multiplied the initial power consumption by 3-4 fold, and not designed to be used in areas where visual comfort is of the utmost importance, it also had flexibility issues which contradicted with our intent wholly. That said, we think it has  photographed well!