By Symphony

Commercial . Retail

To create and enhance luxury within the space so that the merchandise on display is enhanced.

"The Symphony store is curated by Emirati entrepreneur, Salama Alabbar, a boutique that began as a vision to meet the needs of women much like herself, who love fashion and enjoy shopping renowned designer brands globally, alongside new and exciting rising stars. (Salama) set out to fill the void for a real fashion store in Dubai; that could compete internationally with leading luxury brands, and an unbeatable environment that provided women with an inspirational space to spend time with friends, while perusing the latest trends in fashion.

In 2010, the concept of Symphony was born:
The Dubai Mall’s first and only luxury concept multi-brand boutique. Custom interior design (by H2R) with carefully
selected home furnishings provide the backdrop for an ultimate “home away from home” shopping experience. Changing the perception of the Dubai fashion world, the Symphony brand has situated itself as a home for local talent to blossom as well as a platform for international designers to showcase their luxurious designs in a setting that is unique and harmonious.

Characterised by sophisticated elegance, light enhances displays of high-end fashion using track-mounted fixtures in ceiling grooves. The backdrop for these displays are characterised with "fins" which are underlined by a glow of light.
Displays with a selection of fragrances and high end accessories are lit with precise intensity to create visual impact. Dressing rooms are havens of exploration with concealed lighting embodying the Symphony brand.

A floating staircase connects the ground and first floor, typified with a recessed handrail "tunnel". Light becomes the defining element of the staircase, creating not just wayfinding, but specifically the elegant ascent above. 

The first floor is also adorned with displays with additional concealed lighting in the shelving to enhance merchandise.

Opening into the signature Two Cafe, light is used minimally for ambience and focus, letting daylight take precedence. A central bar is enhanced with more intensity for emphasis as well as a play of light on the suspended decorative element.