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Private Residence

Residential . Private Villa

For this project, Light.Func is tasked with the role of providing comprehensive lighting design for a family home in Riyadh.

The architecture is ultra modern with clean lines and a minimalistic finish. Bringing outdoor living to indoor spaces, the villa consists of 3 courtyards with floor to ceiling patio doors. The courtyards are planted on the basement floor, and cut through vertically through the rest of the floors to the ceiling.

Our intent, therefore focused on developing a concept that transitioned but also complemented  the indoor and outdoor spaces. Creating cosy, yet sophisticated environments , light is used minimally, complementing architecture.

Focus lighting is kept to task facilitation and artwork. Ambient light is embedded within joinery, transitional spaces and ceiling edges. Spaces that flow within and without, without a "break" in the lighting  language.

Wrapped within architectural volume, the cantilevered privacy tactic, overlaps, leaving glances of the sky for the owners. A play on this sky, allows for a spatter of starry lights to flow down walls, to the fence, outside. The result is a conscientous & inspiring space to come home to.