We are an award-winning boutique lighting design consultancy with a presence in Dubai, Jeddah and Dar es Salaam, providing a unique approach to spaces: creativity is key and technical know-how is second to none. Our services range from a purely conceptual scope, spanning schematic, detail design and site supervision & commissioning.




As an independent lighting design studio with an innate love for architecture & design, we create & implement concepts that are tailor-made works of art and conscious thinking.



A collection of individuals who work with light using the psychology of seeing. Direction, colour, intensity, of light - can completely change one’s perception - our objective is to maximise each space's function & aesthetic.

Daylight first, then artificial - we apply light to human form, using light to reveal and hide; creating holistic spaces in which we, as humans, thrive. Interior and exterior spaces are approached creatively and through technical acumen.



Design is a conscious & unconscious ability, created through careful attention to detail. Lighting reveals that detail by focusing on the little elements that make each space unique. Consciously battling the misconception of the importance of light, this is our visual story.





Our diverse team is not only multi-talented, but understand the intricacies of lighting, design and execution. A quirky bunch of individuals who get it done.Our motto is to get it done, with uncompromised quality

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